Friday, October 30, 2015

Fly Fisherman Wall Clock
May your waders never leak...
Mountain Stream Texture background

Your waders | Tight Line; Fly fishing quote Wall Clocks
Your waders | Tight Line; Fly fishing quote Wall Clocks by NaturesPlayground
This custom wall clock features a fun fly fishing quote typography: 'May your waders never leak, and you always have a tight line!', with the silhouette of a fly fisherman with a tight line! The textured background is a beautiful green reminiscent of a clear mountain stream, but can be removed to add a background color. There are 4 clock numbers and crescent moon symbols to represent the numbers. Perfect for the fly fishing enthusiast in your life. There are other clock shapes and sizes to choose from.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

This Gal Loves to Fly Fish! Trout Fly Fishing Canvas Print

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This cute and colorful wrapped canvas print has a fun and colorful Fly Fishing design for girls and women that love to Fly Fish! It features a fun text design, along with a beautiful watercolor look rainbow trout. The text is plum colored and says: 'This Gal Loves to Fly Fish!'. The background is a lovely artistic texture of colors that match the rainbow trout and text color, but can easily be customized to any background color or white. The size and thickness of the canvas can be modified. As a female that loves to fly fish, I always get the question: 'who fly fishes? your husband?'. And of course I say 'NO! I do!'. Be proud to show that gals fly-fish too! Contact me if you prefer other text colors.
Designed by Nature's Essence in Print. Image226

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